4-H & FFA Programs

Beginning in April each year, our 4H REWARDS PROGRAM gives the kids a 10% rebate check on their feed and bedding purchases. 

We give this rebate to all species involving 4-H projects. 

Come in each spring and sign up.  There is no cost to participate. 

This is the best way we know to support 4-H and FFA.  
The program runs from April 1 to August 31.

4H  And FFA  Rebate Program         If you are in our rebate program, stop by the store after Sept. 15th to pick up your rebate check.  Congratulations to all the kids who took a project to their county or state fair. 

Everyone is a winner by making the commitment and having the dedication to enter a livestock project.  4H and FFA is a learning experience in which all the family can participate. 


Where is your project at this point?  Too light too heavy right on target?
We have feed to help gain, lose, or maintain weight.


Shampoo, cage cups, feed cups, feed scoops, buckets, fly sprays, brushes,
wood shavings, livestock sprayers, Fortex tub feeders, show halters
specialized for different animals, leather & chain collars, rope halters
in a choice of colors, hog sorting poles, hog bat, adjustable sho-stick,
wash wand; sweat scraper;  feed bag;  grooming brushes



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