Siegel's Custom Calf Feed 

Siegel's JSR calf starter is a custom 18% calf starter formulated for baby calves first feed.  This feed was formulated by John Siegel and has been very well accepted by livestock producers. 

The feed has performed well in feeding trials  bringing in the heaviest weights at trials end.

A highly palatable alfalfa based, medicated texturized feed,
sold by the 50 lb. bag , ton, or bulk. 



CATTLE  … Are you planning to feed cattle?  Whether you have a few or a feedlot full, let us help you put together a feeding program to maximize your profitability and gains to get them to the freezer or on the market.  We can put together a projection for Holsteins or colored cattle and a feeding program to suit your needs. 


Information updated from the Beef Meeting - Nov. 2015

When winter temperatures drop, you need to increase feeding rates for animals in order to provide the extra energy needed to maintain their body heat.    

RULE OF THUMB:  When the average temperature drops below 40° for an extended period of time, you should increase your feed by 10%.  If the temperature drops near zero, you should increase by 20%.   Also take into account the wind chill factor.   Feeding more hay will not necessarily give the extra needed energy.  It takes grain to generate heat.  Increasing fat levels will also provide extra calories to the winter diet. This applies to poultry and to your pets as well.  Make sure animals have adequate open water and dry bedding.  

If you have feeding or management questions, please give us a call or email.   

February and March is when we see cattle rubbing and losing hair due to a lice infestation. 

This mild winter will make conditions even worse.

PERMETHRIN 1% Synergized is a ‘pour on’ control to treat lice on beef,
lactating and non lactating dairy cattle. 

One gallon treats 50 head of cattle. 



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