RENTAL EQUIPMENT - Bobcat MT85 Witch/Mini Ride on Skidloader



Bobcat MT85
Mini Track Loader

No need for wheelbarrows, shovels or other hand tools when you roll onto tight jobsites with the Bobcat® MT85 mini track loader. The MT85 goes through gates, doorways or other narrow spaces with ease.

The MT85 offers a performance boost with its improved rated operating capacity, increased breakout force and a 14 percent increase in lift height. The smoother ride leads to less spillage of material during transportation, allowing for faster cleanup at the end of your job. The MT85 increases top travel speeds by 23 percent to help you complete tasks faster.

4 Hours:  $90
Daily :   $130
Weekly:   $520
Monthly:   $1560


Auger Attachment

4 Hours: $50 
Daily:  $50
Weekly:  $200
Monthly: $600 



Additional Augers
9, 12, 18, 24

4 Hours: $15 
Daily:  $15
Weekly:  $60
Monthly: $180 

Trencher Attachment
Up to 40" deep - 4" inch wide Trench

4 Hours: $45 
Daily:  $45
Weekly:  $180
Monthly: $540 


Trencher Attachment Only

4 Hours: $70 
Daily:  $70
Weekly:  $280
Monthly: $840 






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