We sell Diamond Crystal Pellens.  The yellow bag softens water.  The green bag softens and removes rust from water.       

NEW Reduced Pricing!

Yellow:  40# - $5.55 ea.           Green:  40# - $6.90 ea.   

Delivery is available.



Buy 8 bags of salt - get 1 free.

If you aren’t in our softener salt program or haven’t heard about, here’s the scoop.  When you buy 8 bags of salt, you get the 9th one FREE

Accumulate a total of 8 bags on your frequent buyers card to get 1 free bag.  We will keep the
‘Frequent Buyer’ cards on file at the store to make it easy to track your purchases and get free salt. 

No limit!  No expiration.  
Sign up to get a great deal on your softener salt.

Key Points

1)  No cost to sign up.         
2)  Don’t have to buy all 8 bags at one time. 
3)  We keep track of your purchases and let you know when to get your free bag.

'Frequent Buyer' Savings  ... The Math

The math for the ‘Frequent Buyer’ Program depending on which softener salt product you use:

40#    Your cost for eight bags is $44.40.  The free 9th bag reduces your overall cost per bag to $4.93.  Frequent Buyer’s Savings: $0.57 per bag.

40#    Your cost for eight bags is $55.20.  The free 9th bag reduces your
overall cost per bag to $6.13.  Frequent Buyer’s Savings:  $0.77 per bag



In the winter, Siegel's stocks several brands of ice melter.

Rock Salt vs. Ice Melt
When it comes to melting ice, what’s the difference between rock salt and ‘ice melt’?

Rock Salt (Halite) unique sizing mixture of large and small crystals of natural sodium chloride … small crystals melt on contact and large crystals provide longevity and instant traction … works best at temperatures of 5° F and above ... leaves an oily residue.


Ice Melt (MVP blue) … 3-way de-icer begins melting ice and snow immediately on contact down to -10° F … commercial combination of calcium chloride pellet, sodium chloride crystals coated with liquid potassium chloride and a corrosion inhibitor … professional choice for non-tracking and environmentally friendly ice control … reduces browning of grass and bushes

We sell by the bag and by the pallet.


We also have several 'pet friendly' choices.




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