McFeeters Medium Flake Pine Shavings

McFeeters 100% all natural white pine shavings are all you need and more for any bedding needs involving horses, livestock, and many more. Kiln dried and heat treated, this medium flake bedding is perfect year round and provides the comfort your animal deserves.

-- 3.0 cu.ft. Compressed -> 7.0 cu.ft. Expanded
-- 100% natural softwood
-- Kiln dried and heat treated
-- Great for horses and livestock

​Nature's Bedding Pellets

Kiln Dried Pine Non allergenic and healthier for animals. Highly Absorbent Requires less use which lasts longer and saves money. Reduces Clean-up Saves time, easy to pick and dust free Quick and easy to pick than shavings; less volume. Environmentally Friendly less volume and breaks down quicker than shavings.


McFeeters Ultimate Quick Pick Pine Bedding

Super absorbent and virtually dust free, McFeeters Pick Bedding will have you coming back for more! This super fine bedding is composed of 100% all natural softwood and is kiln dried and heat treated. Multiple uses for multiple animals inside or out of the home and barn.

-- 2.7 cu.ft. Compressed -> 4.16 cu.ft. Expanded
-- Super absorbent
-- Multiple uses
-- 100% all natural softwood
-- Kiln dried and heat treated
-- Virtually dust free

Bulk Sawdust

Hardwood sawdust, bulk sawdust; Kiln Dried; No Walnut

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