GREEN BEANS   (* most popular)

Blue Lake 274 Bush*   
(54 days)
Pods are 6 inch, round to crease--back with excellent Blue Lake flavor and texture with small,white seeds. Heavy yields of straight dark green beans on bushy 18" plants, need slightly wider rows than regular bush beans.

Blue Lake Pole Burpee Stringless Bean  
(50 Days)
This very popular variety produces a dark green, stringless pod that is 6 or 7 inches long, round and sometimes slightly curved.  The erect plants are generally 18-20 inches tall and are tolerant to heat.  Seeds are dark brown or coffee color.  This variety is widely used by home gardeners for canning or freezing. 

Jade Bush Bean*   
(60 days)
Long, straight, stringless, very dark green 6-1/2 inch pods are exceptionally sweet and tender.  Upright bush holds the pods well above the ground, reducing the likelihood of curling and tip rot.

Royalty Burgundy Bean   
(51 Days)
Tender stringless pods are round and purple, turning dark green when cooked.  Does better in colder soils than most varieties.  Bean beetles seem to avoid it.  Very good either fresh or frozen. 

Tenderette Bush Bean 
 (55 Days)
Pods are rich green, velvety, stringless, very tender having very good flavor.  Pods stay young for a long period of time.  Plants are upright, bushy and very vigorous.  Seeds are white satin in color and very slow to develop.  An excellent variety for canning or freezing. 

Topcrop - Bush Bean   
(48 Days)
Stringless medium green, round to creaseback pod matures to 6 inches.  Pods are carried high on the plant and have rapid seed development.  Resistant to common bean Mosaic and greasy Pod.  Heavy yield developed for the home garden. 

White Half Runner 
 (60 Days)
Heavy yielding.  Vines mature to 20 inches and are bushy at the bottom with short runners.  Full, oval shaped pods with white beans mature to 5 inches and are stringless when young.

Kentucky Wonder 
 (45 days)
Sturdy 12 to 15 inch plant produces an abundant 7 to 8" broad pods with white seeds, medium silver green color, meaty and fleshy, only slightly stringy but viborous.  Very popular 

Roma II   
(53 Days)
... is a bush form of famous Pole Romano; its distinctive robust flavor and heavy crop of stringless, flat green pods, 4 1/2" long make it a great choice. COOKING  HINT:  blanch, then saute in olive oil with a few springs of summer savory.   Excellent for freezing freezing; good disease resistance    

Dark Red Kidney Beans   
(95 Days)
Semi-round, non-edible pods about 5 inches long.  Plants are 14 to 16 inches tall, prolific.  Seeds are kidney shaped, dark mahogany red.  Used for baking, soup, and chili.

Burpee's Improved Lima Bean   (80 Days)
Pods are flat, about 5 inches long, containing 4 or 5 large seeds.  Plants are about 20 inches tall, spreading with short runners.  Heavy bearing.  Seeds are thick, fat and white with greenish cast.  Excellent cooking.

Fordhook 242 Lima Bean   (75 Days)
Pods are 4-1/2 inches long containing 3 or 4 seeds; parts are 16 to 18 inches tall, dark green, compact; seeds are large, plump, pale green in edible stage; Excellent shipping, freezing, or home garden variety

Henderson Baby Lima Bean   (65 Days)
Pods are 3 inches long, medium green, and contain 3 or 4 small seeds.  Plants grow 14 - 16 inches tall, compact, glossy dark green with fine leaves.  Seeds are small, light green at edible stage, creamy white in dry stage.  Very productive.

Pencil Pod Black Wax Bean   
(56 Days)
Pods are 6 inches long, semi-round golden yellow tender, fleshy and stringless.  Plants are 14 to 18" tall.  Oblong seeds are solid black.  Popular for home and market gardeners.

Pinto III    

Serendipity Sweet Corn (Bi-Color)   (82 Days)
Triple Sweet Bicolor.  The 8" long ear with 16 rows has the tender sweetness of an SE with the long holding capability of the super sweets.  Plant height is about 8 feet tall.  Needs Isolation.

Butter & Sugar Sweet Corn (Bi-Color)   
(73 days)
Still considered to be the ultimate in flavor, texture and quality.  Produces 1 or 2 ears, 7-1/2" long with 12 to 14 rows of bicolored kernels.  Maintains quality and texture for several days.

Peaches and Cream (Bi-Color)   
(70 Days)
Peaches & Cream actually gives two different sweet flavors in every bite.  It matures early in the season, grows to 6 ft. tall and has 8 1/2" long ears.  The pretty bicolor kernels are borne in 18-20 rows.  A popular favorite.

Silver Queen Sweet Corn (White)   
(92 Days)
The best flavored white sweet corn, always tender and extra sweet.  Ears are 8 to 9" long with 14 to 16 rows of glossy white kernels and a delightful creamy texture.  Excellent resistance to Stewart's wilt.  Very popular for produce stands.

Silver King Sweet Corn (White)   (82 Days)
A white homozygous SE from the original producer of Silver Queen.  More than 10 days earlier than Silver Queen. Ears are 8" long, 2 inches in diameter with 16-18 rows of pure white, creamy kernels. The medium green husk provides good cover.  Tolerance to common rust, northern leaf blight and Stewart's wilt.

Robust Popcorn (White Hybrid)   
(102 Days)
This white hybrid is taller, higher yielding, has a larger ear and kernel.   The large white flakes are tender and nearly hulless.

Early Sunglow Sweet Corn (Yellow)  
(60-63 Days)
Outstanding vigor under cold conditions permits early planting. Very tender 7" long ears with 12 rows of golden-yellow kernals have excellent flavor.  Many plants have 2 ears.

Incredible Sweet Corn (Yellow)   
(85 Days)
A truly gourmet sweet corn for home gardens, fresh market, roadside stands and shipping.  Ears are 9 1/2" long with 18 rows of yellow kernels with good husk protection and flag leaves.  Has immunity to common rust and maize dwarf mosaic.

Bodacious Sweet Corn (Yellow)   (75 Days)
Exceptionally tender kernels with superior sweet flavor that holds well after harvest.  Ears are 8" long with 16 rows of golden yellow kernels.  Has immunity to common rust and maize dwarf mosaic.


PEAS    (early to late varieties, shelling and edible pod)

Little Marvel Pea   (62 Days)
Vines are 15 to 17" tall, darkgreen, sturdy heavy foliage productive.  Pods are 3" long, dark green, mostly double, very plump, straight, blunt, very tightly packed with 6 to 8 sweet and tender peas.  Seeds are medium green, wrinkled, square to blocky in shape.  One of the most popular home garden varieties.

Green Arrow Pea   (70 days)
About 4 inches long and fresh, bright green is stuffed with up to 11 delicious peas!  Easy to grow peas love cold weather, so plant as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring.

Oregon Sugar Pod Pea   (55 - 60 Days)
Vines vary from 14 to 30" tall.  Pods are 4" long by 7/8" round, light green, smooth, mild flavor, highly resistant to Enation Mosaic Virus and moderately resistant to Pea Streak Virus, resistant to Fusarium Pea Wilt.

Sugar Ann Pea   (58 Days)
The earliest and shortest ofthe snap peas.  It is related to Sugar Snap and carries all of the pod characteristics of Sugar Snap, which means delicious eating, raw or cooked.  It is just as sweet, and has the added boon of having a compact 18" high bush habit.

Super Sugar Snap Pea   
(70 Days)
Pea pods are plumper and more numerous.  It is more disease resistant, making it more suitable for later planting.  Delicious eaten fresh out of the garden in salads, for dips, steamed or stir-fried.

Wando Peas   
(70 Days)
The "hot weather pea" because it is more tolerant to heat than other varieties.  Vines are 28 to 30" tall, upright, dark green with small size leaves.  Pods are 2-1/2 to 3" long, dark green, straight, blunt, borne both singly and in pairs.  Each pod contains 8 to 10 good quality, dark green and wrinkled peas.  Generally used for home gardens and freezing.

Spring Pea   (52 Days)
The earliest pea; an excellent variety for home and market gardeners, shipping, canning and freezing.   

BEANS (Kidney, Lima, Pinto, Wax),



Bull's Blood   (58 days)
Heirloom that was brought back into production.  Produces pretty dark red leaves to jazz up your salads. Foliage color intensifies as plants mature. Roots show attractive candy striped zoning circles when sliced.

Cylindra   (55 days)
Unique, long cylinder shaped beet that is perfect for uniform slices. Dark red beets are tender and grow up to 8 inches long and 1-1/2" in diameter. 

Detroit Dark Red   (58 days)
A globe-shaped, dark red beet.  Average size is 2-1/2 to 3" in diameter.  Interior is dark red with slight zoning. The tender quality makes this beet an excellent table and canning variety.  Tops are 12 to 15" long and a glossy dark green color.

Hales Best Jumbo


Danvers Half Long   (75 Days) 
Tops 16 to 20" tall.  Roots are 7 to 8" long by 2" in diameter, heavy shoulders, slightly tapered, well stumped.  Good for storing and shipping.

Little Fngers

Nantes Half Long   (70 Days)
Short tops; a half long variety measuring 5 to 6" log by 2inches width at shoulder; slightly tapered; stump-rooted; red-orange in color with indistinct core.  This crisp and tender variety has proven satisfactory for all purposes.


Boston Pickling   (57 days)
A black spine variety; dark green fruits are blunt-ended and measure 5 to 6" long by 3 to 3-1/2" in diameter at maturity.

Long Green Improved   (67 days)
Heirloom variety first introduced in 1872.  A strong, vigorous producer of abundant dark green fruit; an excellent slicing cucumber up to 1-foot long.

Market Moore 76   (65 days)
Plump straight 8 to 9" dark green fruits stay green and mild tasting even under heat stress.  Good disease resistance keeps plants vigorous and highly productive across a long picking season.

Muncher Burpless   (58 days)
Crisp cucumbers without the aftermath.  Muncher has white spines, averages 5 - 6" long and 2" in width.  This cucumber has vigorous vines; excellent in salads or even makes a good pickle.  Good producer.

Space Master   (60 days)
This compact cucumber is ideal for containers or hanging baskets.  Its short, hardy vines produce slender, dark green fruits 7-1/2" long.  It's prolific and great in salads or plain; resistant to cucumber mosaic virus and scab.

Straight 8   (60 days)
White spine; All-American Gold Metal Award - 1935.  Dark green broad leaves give good coverage.  Vines are vigorous and productive.  Rich dark green fruit is very firm; best slicing size when 8" long by 2-1/2" in diameter; rounded at ends with very little striping at blossom end.

Dwarf Siberian

Early Purple Vienna   (60 days)
Medium green plant; bulbs are reddish purple with tender white flesh and a mild sweet flavor.

Romaine - Dark Green Cos

Black Seeded Simpson   (44 Days)
Large, upright, compact with light green, frilled and crimpled leaves.  Crisp interior; a popular and dependable home and market variety.

(66 Days)
Similar to the bibb types, this lettuce differs in its thick green leaves and small, tight head. It maintains its sweetness well when grown in the heat of summer.

Endive - broad leaf Batavian

Green Salad Bowl   
(50 days)
Similar in appearance to Oak Leaf except leaves are lighter green and more deeply lobed and frilled.  Stands heat better than Oak Leaf and slower to bolt.

Red Salad Bowl Lettuce   (46 days)
A wine-red version of salad bowl.  Compact bronze-red rosettes with crisp, sweet, crunchy oak-like leaves.  Matures early, holds its mild, non-bitter quality for a long time, and is slow to bolt.  

Romaine Red   
(66-70 days)
Tart gourmet variety; color varies from green to deep red to bronze.  Dark color develops best in cool weather.

Spring Spinach Mix
A special blend of spinach, leafy lettuces, mustard greens, romaine and arugula - a complete salad in one.


Clemson Spineless   
(55 days)
Plants are erect and 3-1/2 to 4 feet tall.  The medium green pods are 6 to 7" long, straight, slim, tapered, ridged and spineless.

Jack O'Lantern   
(100 days)
Fruit is round measuring 8" in diameter; smooth, medium orange in color.  Flesh is orange-yellow and thick. Great for carving.

Small Sugar   
(108 days)
Fruits are round, flattened at ends, measuring 8 by 10", weighing 6 to 8 pounds and deep orange in color.  Flesh is orange-yellow and fine textured; a favorite pie and canning variety, good winter keeper.

Champion Radish   
(20 days)
Bright scarlet round radish with delicious, crisp, white flesh that doesn't become pithy.  Thrives in cool weather.

Cherry Belle    (21 days)
All-America Selections winner; Extra-early; retains fine eating quality all season.  Round, smooth, 3/4" across with crisp, white flesh.  Fast and easy to grow; radishes are best in cool weather.

Early Scarlett Globe   (23 days)
Medium top with globular, scarlet red roots. Flesh is crisp and white; a long-time favorite with home gardeners.

White Icicle   (28 days)
Crisp white flesh has a tantalizing, mild pungency. Cylindrical white roots to 5" long.  Fast and easy to grow.  Radishes are best in cool weather.

(45 days)
Semi-erect plants are large. Leaves are savoyed, large and dark green. Slower to bolt, and therefore, can be used for late spring and summer crop.

Tyee Hybrid   (45 days)
Produces a dark green semi-savory leaf.  Good yielder that resists bolting under high temperatures.  Attractive, deep dark green plants are erect and heavily leafed.


Dark Green (Black)   (62 days)
Fruit measures 12" by 4" in diameter and is straight, cylindrical and dark greenish black in color.  Flesh is greenish-white at edible stage with delicate flavor. Bush type plant is suitable for small garden.  Fruit should be picked when only a few days old.

Golden Zucchini   
(55 days)
Fruits are medium-long, slender and cylindrical in shape. Bright golden color and delicious; distinctive zucchini flavor.  Fruits are best when 6 to 8" long. Fertilize when fruits form to increase yield; a good home garden selection

Spaghetti   (100 days)
Low-calorie, looks and tastes much like spaghetti. Fruits 8 to 10" long at maturity and will store for months.  Boil whole, cut and then fluff out spaghetti with fork.

Table Queen Acorn

Summer Crookneck 

Giant Grey Stripe

None this year
Purple Top White Globe   
(57 days)
Large roots are smooth, globe-shaped; 5 to 6" in diameter. purple across top with white beneath. Flesh is white, fine grained, crisp and tender. Tops are 18 to 22" tall, dark green; an all-purpose variety used extensively for home gardens.

Crimson Sweet   (85 days)
Fruit is almost round measuring 12" by 10" and averages about 25 pounds.  The thick, tough rind is medium green with small darker green stripes.  Flesh is deep red with a highsugar content.  Seeds are small, dark brown with darker brown mottling.  



BULK Seeds:   Many stores have discontinued handling bulk seeds, but, here at Siegel’s we have ‘expanded’ our bulk seed selection.  This allows our customers to get the exact kind and quantity of seeds they want to purchase.  Bulk seeds will be arriving throughout March.


Irish Cobbler, Katahdin, Kennebec, Red Pontiac, Red Norland, Russett, Yukon Gold

For Complete Descriptions

Candy, Copra, Red Candy, Texas Super Sweet, Walla Walla, Yellow Granex (Vidalia type), Yellow Spanish

(80 days)  Early extra sweet; holds up well in storage; extra sweet; mild flat globes

(110 days)  Yellow onion, nice globe shape, sweetest tasting storage onion; stores up to 12 months

Red Candy 
(95 days)  Red onion with sweet flavor.  They have slightly flattened globe shape.  Stores up to three months.

Texas SuperSweet
  (80-90 days)  So sweet you can eat it raw; jumbo white flesh onions as big as softballs

Walla Walla (80-90 days)
Big round onion with sweet mild juicy flesh; stores well; can weigh 2 lbs.

Yellow Granex 
(Vidalia type) (100 days) Yellow, semi flat, sweet hybrid, 4-5" onions; Vidalia Type (These onions are started in Texas and shipped to Vadalia, Georgia.)

Yellow Spanish 
(100 days)  Jumbo-sized white onions; good keeper; a long time favorite

Onion Sets:  White, Yellow, Red, Candy