At this time, Kalmbach features over 50 varieties of livestock feed products for dairy.  For the latest listing, ​click here. 

Feed Requirements per Calf

Feed CodeProduct NameLbs.
300120/20 All Milk Milk Replacer40-50
T318JSR18% Calf Starter100
532DBR32% Dairy Beef Supp R120200
536DBR36% Dairy Beef Supp R175650

Whole Shell Corn6755


  • 1 to 2 pounds of roughage can be hand fed along with the Start to Finish Dairy Beef Program
  • Buy calves with good muscling and conformation and that have received adequate colostrum.
  • Make sure buckets and bottles are clean.
  • Always feed calves at consistent regular intervals
  • Always provide clean fresh water.
  • Use all-in all-out management for calves.
  • Provide 3 - 4 inches of self-feeder space per head
  • When on full feed, make sure grain and water are available at all times.
  • Cattle should never run out of feed.
  • Check feed and water supply several times per day.


When adding supplement at the farm, add 1.5 lbs./head/day of pellets with full feed shelled corn.   


532DBR - Grower

Feed from 200 - 400 lbs.32% all natural supplement with 120gofmonensin for an easy transition of the calves onto the growing ration.  No roughage is required.


-- A protein supplement specifically designed for starting young calves
-- Does not contain any non-protein nitrogen
-- Contains chelated trace minerals for improved absorption
-- Complete trace mineral and vitamin fortification


544 - Grower

Feed from 200 - 400 lbs.  A 34% allnatural concentrate designed to start calves on shelled corn and pellets after calves have been started on a textured calf feed.

536DBR - Grower/Finisher
​Begin feeding 536DBR at 400 lbs-finish. It is a 36% supplement with 14% NPN and 175g of monensin.  Designed to gently transition the cattle onto higher urea diets.

-- Pelleted protein supplement specifically designed for dairy beef and beef cattle on a whole-shell corn diet.

-- High in calcium and potassium to balance nutriounal deficiencies of a high grain diet.

​-- Complete trace mineral and vitamin fortification.

Supplement per Ton

Body Weight (Lbs.)Supplement per ton
200 - 300 500# 532DBR
300 - 400 400# 532DBR
400 - 600 300# 536DBR
600 - 800250# 536DBR
800 - 1000200# 536DBR
1000 - Finish175# 536DBR


1000 - Finish

150# 542DBR

Siegel's features Kalmbach Livestock feeds from northern Ohio. 
We receive Kalmbach deliveries every Tuesday keeping supplies fresh and
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Birth:  Assure adequate colostrum intake: 12 pounds in first 24 hours

3 Weeks:  Vaccinate

First 6 Weeks:  Dehorn

​8th Week:  Castrate

16 Weeks to 300 pounds:  Vaccinate and Delouse

​500 pounds:  Deworm and/or Implant (optional)​​

Kalmbach start to finish no roughage dairy beef program is designed and proven at the
​Cooperative Research Farms (CRF)


3001  20/20 Milk Magic !

All-milk milk replacer designed to be fed after calf has received colostrum.  Formulated with Agrimoss to prevent scours.  Feed with T318JSR

Fully formulated milk replacer to provide nutritional requirements from birth through weaning.

-- Features and BenefitsMilk-based replacer with added  fat for optimal performance

-- Contains chelated and organic trace minerals to maximize absorption
-- Contains direct-fed microbials to improve digestibility