Big Bertha, California Wonder, Fooled You Jalapeno (Sweet), Giant Marconi, Goliath Goldrush,
Jimmy Nardello, Keystone Resistant, King Arthur, King of the North, Mini Bell Red, New Ace Hybrid Northstar, Orange Bell, Orange Sun, Purple Beauty, Quadrato D'Asti Giallo, Pimento - Red Cheese, Sweet Banana, Sweet Goliath, Yellow Monster  

Amish Paste, Cow's Tit, Heinz 1370, Henry Meyer, Howard German, Jersey Devil, Jersey Giant Jerusalem, Marglobe, Martino's Roma, Parrot, Roma, Rutgers, San Marzano      

Anaheim Chili, Big Jim, Butch T, Carribean Blend, Carolina Reaper, Cayenne, Chinese Five Color, Doug's Red, Fatalii, Garden Salsa, Ghost, Goat's Horn Chili, Habanero Red, Hilger's, Hinkelhatz, Hungarian Hot Wax, Jalapeno, Jalapeno Craig's Grande, Orange Habanero, Pequin, Poblano, Pizza, Sapporo, 7 Pot, Trinidad Scorpion, Yellow Mushroom        


​​​Information on Heirloom and Hybrid Tomatoes

Do you love tomatoes?      Fresh, juicy, right from the vine?     
Do you like a meaty tomato that makes great salsa? 

Then Siegel's is the place for you to choose your favorite variety.  We specialize in many varieties of Heirloom and Hybrid tomatoes. 

WHAT IS AN HEIRLOOM TOMATO?  Heirloom plants are grown from seeds that have been handed down thru generations, saved from year to year, some varieties dating back hundreds of years.  The seeds are never cross pollinated  and so they remain true to their particular characteristics. Heirloom tomatoes come in all colors, shapes, and sizes – Reds, Pinks, Yellows, Orange, White, Green, Striped, and Black.  Ranging in  sizes of cherry and grape to  large grapefruit size, meaty, or juicy. 

WHY HEIRLOOM? These tomatoes are more natural, they are non GMO (genetically modified). They do not have as long of a shelf life as store bought tomatoes, but that is what makes them special.  Once heirloom tomatoes are picked, they do not have as long a shelf life as hybrids, but they more than make up for any shortcomings in flavor. 

WHAT ARE HYBRID TOMATOES?   Hybrid tomatoes are just what they say they are, they are a cross of two parent plants to produce the best of both genetics.  The reason hybrids were developed was for better health, disease resistant, consistent size, a tougher tomato that could be shipped without damage, and stored for a longer period.   Some hybrids are now genetically modified to have resistance to disease bred into their DNA. 

Abe Lincoln, Amana Orange, Amish Gold Slicer, Amish Paste, Amish Rose, Anna Asa, Anna Russian, Art & Tillies, Aunt Swarlo's Polish Plum, Aussie, Bear Claw, Beefsteak, Belgian Farmer's, Big Zebra, Bill Bean, Black Cherry, Black Icicle, Black Krim, Black Plum, Black Sea Man, Bloody Butcher, Blue Ridge, Bonny Best, Box Car Willie, Brad's Atomic, Brandywine OTV,  Brandywine Red, Brandywine Sudduth's Strain, Brave General, Brutus Magnam, Carbon, Chapman Special, Cherokee Purple, Chesapeake, Compari, Cosmic Eclips, Cow's Tit, Creme Brulee, Crimson Cushion, Cuore do Toro, Daniels, Dester, Dixie Golden Giant, Don's Double Delight, Dr. Carolyn, Dr. Neal, Dubrava, El Roy, Eli, Fatso, Fireball, Floridade, Fox Cherry, German Johnson, German Pink, German Red Strawberry, Giant Chocolate Stripe, Giant Delicious, Glicks Pink Brandywine, Gold Stripe, Golden Bison, Golden Jubilee, Granpa Ludolph's German, Grape, Green Giant, Green Zebra, Grightmire's Pride, Hayslip, Henry Meyer, Hillbilly, Hospital, Howard German, ILDI, Italian Sweet, Jersey Devil, Jersey Giant, Jerusalem, Kellogg's Breakfast, Kentucky Pink Stamper, Kristina Vatcheva, Lemon Drop, Lillian's Yellow, Mammath German Gold, Martino's Roma, McClintock's Big Pink, Mexico Midget, Mom's, Morning Sun, Mortgage Lifter, Mr. Stripey, Nebraska Wedding, Northern Lights, Old German, Old Virginia, Oleyar's German, Palmira's Northern Italian Beefsteak, Pantano Romanesco, Parrot, Peppermint, Pike County Yellow, Pineapple, Pompeii, Purple Calabash, Purple Dream, Purple Russian, Raspberry Giant, Richardson, Riverside,  Rose, Rouge D'Irak, Scarlet Gem, Sink Stripe, Smitty the Barber, Sophie's Choice, Stump of the World, Sugary, Sun Sugar, Sweet Yellow, TC Jones, Thorburns's Terra-Cotta, Tidwell German, Tiffen Mennonite, Tommy Toe, Tumbling Tom, Umberto, Vorlon, White Queen, ​WWW Black Brandywine, Yellow Brandywine, Yellow Pear

Siegel's Greenhouses are filled with vegetables, flowers, and herbs.  You'll find the complete ​list of vegetables below, but it is a good idea to call before coming (937-473-2808). 
​We sell out quickly, especially when the sun comes out and it warms up.

Beefmaster, Better Boy, Burpee Big Boy, Celebrity, Champion II, Early Girl, Heinz 1370, Homestead, Jersey Devil, Jersey Giant, Jet Star, Juliet, Lemon Boy, Marglobe, Mountain Pride,
Parks Whopper, Pink Girl, Roma, Rutgers, San Marzano, Super Sonic, Super sweet 100's


Broccoli:  Packman, Green sprouting calabrese, Belstar, Waltham
Brussells Sprouts:  Red Rubine, Long Island, Catskill, Franklin
Cabbage:  Cairo Red, Viceroy, Golden Acre, Early Jersey Wakefield, Perfection drum head savoy, Late Flat Dutch, Copenhagen, Stonehead, Brunswick (not 2023), Early Flat Dutch, Tropic Giant, Bravo, Red Acre
Cauliflower:  Rober, Amazing, Snowball Self-Blanching, Early Snowball, Candid Charm
Kohlrabi:  Early purple vienna, Early white vienna
Lettuce:  Merveille Des Quatre, Buttercrunch, Tennis Ball
Onion Plants:  Candy, Red Candy Apple, Texas Super Sweet, Walla Walla, Yellow Granex
Strawberries:  Ever bearing, June bearing