4-STEP LAWN MAINTENANCE PROGRAM:  Bonide Crabgrass Pre-emergent, Weed & Feed, Insect Control, and Lawn Food

SPRING FERTILIZERS:   Apply a spring fertilizer to your lawns to get them started growing.

12-12-12   Garden

19-19-19   Lawn Fertilizer

15-15-15   All Purpose 

 6-26-26    Root Development garden fertilizer

AZOMITE:  Granulated; natural trace minerals; organic use; natural nutrient;  spreads easily;  re-mineralizes soil;  improves root systems; for all soils

MILORGANITE:  Deer Deterrent
·      all-purpose fertilizer for turf, ornamentals and vegetables
·      odor is a deer deterrent for up to 5 weeks
·      organic hydrogen; non burning

LAWN GRASS SEED:  Our grass seeds are formulated specifically for our growing area featuring a blend of grasses to address all Ohio conditions … wet, drought, cold, hot … we have it all.   
Varieties:  Finest, Athletic, Shady


The calendar says that it's time to start this 4-step lawn maintenance program.   
The program comes packaged to be used in 5000 and 15000 square foot quantities.  


FEATURING the ORGANIC side of gardening!  

If you prefer organic gardening, we have organically approved potting soil, fertilizers, pest and blight control for flowers and vegetables,

including Miracle Gro - Organic Choice potting soil,
Captain Jacks Dead Bug Killer, 
Diamataceous Earth, and Burnout

We also have companion plants to help keep pests away from your vegetables.

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