MINI EXCAVATOR E-26 Long Arm  (CAB:  Heat and AC)
9.5 ft. Dig Depth

This excavator can be used with the 16”, 20" or 24” buckets.

MINI EXCAVATOR E-26 Long Arm with Hydraulic Thumb
9.5 ft. Dig Depth

This excavator can be used with the 16”, 20" or 24” buckets.

The thumb allows the excavator to grab items instead of only having the scoop as an option.

This brutally powerful brush cutter is a serious attachment for clearing land! The Italian made piston motor will tear through large brush with ease, boasting 40% more torque than geroler/gerotor type motors. The cut-away design allows better access to larger material and keeps grass standing while cutting, leaving a cleaner finish. The three AR400 blades make quick work of brush or grass. Proprietary valving allows this unit to be used without installing a case drain line, a first for a piston motor! This saves you time and money while giving the benefit of the piston motor’s increased torque. 

-- Great for mowing steep banks, around lakes and ponds, roadside cutting, trail mowing and more
-- Excellent combination with the reach of your machine, mow over fences and guardrails
-- Strong and rugged direct drive system
-- Large flywheel stores energy and keep blades cutting
-- Excellent operation even in difficult conditions
-- 3 Blade System
-- AR400 Double Edged Blades
-- Bidirectional Operation
-- 1/4" Deck Thickness

​​BOBCAT   E-35   Mini Excavator with Long Arm
​​11.2 ft. Dig Depth
The Bobcat® E35 compact (mini) excavator with long arm is a popular choice in the 3-ton size class. Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) provides unrestricted rotation, greater flexibility and reduced potential for damage to the machine and surrounding property


Additional Buckets ... 13, 16, 20, 24