Kennebec, Red Pontiac, Red Norland, Russett, Yukon Gold

Mid Season; smooth buff skin with white flesh, elliptical to oblong shaped, high yielder, an excellent table and good chipping variety. Plants are very large with white flowers.  Good storability.

Red Pontiac
Mid season, dark red, smooth or sometimes netted skin with white flesh, oblong to round shaped with deep eyes, drought tolerant, high yielder, fair boiling and baking quality.  Good storability 

Red Norland 
Red Norland is a widely adapted, early maturing potato variety. Tubers are excellent for boiling and frying. The oblong shape of the tuber is smooth, flattened, and medium red in color.

Mid Season; long and very smooth tubers with shallow, bright golden eyes.  Skin is heavy.  Flesh is white; high yielder; Good boiling and excellent baking and french fry quality.  Good storability.


Yukon Gold
Mid Season; yellow-skinned potato and possibly the best all-purpose eating potato grown today.  Yellowish-buff, finely flaked skin with light yellow flesh, oval shaped, high yielder.  Excellent boiling and baking variety.  Excellent storability.