Something that is causing a slight problem in growing sweet potatoes today is SCURF, a brownish black coloration on the outside skirt of the potato.  Scurf hurts the looks and sale of he potato but does not hurt the potato itself.  Some see this discoloration and quickly think it is condition of years ago that caused the entire crop to be lost, but the thought quickly passes when a light scratch removes the discolored area and exposes the beautiful color underneath.


A spectacular variety with extremely fast growth (#1 size potatoes in only 90 days) and extra-high yields. 90-100 day maturity.

Vardaman is our second bush variety sweet potato. Golden yellow outside skin that darkens after digging. 100 day maturity.​​

Sweet Potato choices for 2024 are coming soon.

Sweet Potato choices for 2023:  Georgia Jets, Beauregard, "Bunch" Porto Ricos, Vardaman


Also called “Bush” and “Vine less,” The favorite plant of gardners with limited space. The Bunch Porto Rico sweet potato has a copper-colored outside skin and light yellowish/pinkish flesh. Delicious old-fashioned flavor, an excellent baking potato. “Baby Bakers” in 100 days. 110 day maturity.

An outstanding release that has been accepted by farmers everywhere. Chances are this is the variety that is available in your local market. 90-100 day maturity.