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Kent Nutrition Group was formed to bring out the best in two highly successful
regional feed companies — Kent and Blue Seal. Founded in 1927, Kent has
​grown to become a leading animal nutrition brand in the Midwest. Blue Seal began in 1868 and has since grown into a leading animal nutrition brand in the East.
Kent products are primarily available throughout the Midwest, with some commercial products being sold in the East. Blue Seal products are only available throughout the Eastern U.S. at our stores, dealers and retailers.


We offer a full line of livestock feeds for all species of animals in bag and bulk.  Bagged feeds are available in our convenient drive thru.  Pay inside the store and then we'll load your feeds from our warehouse.  Our feeds are delivered weekly maintaining quality and freshness. 

Bulk orders come directly from the Kalmbach manufacturing facility in Upper Sandusky in 3-ton minimums. 

Whether you have just a few animals or a large commercial operation, we can service your feed needs.  If you would like us to visit your farm or have a consultation to discuss your livestock operation's needs, please let us know (email) or call us at 937-473-2808.  We would be pleased to help you with your livestock feeding needs. 

Specialists in Equine Nutritution.

​​​KALMBACH is a family-owned business based out of Upper Sandusky.  

We've worked with other big companies before but have found that KALMBACH is
large enough to meet your, the customer's, needs but small enough to care.  This
​working relationship is a 'good fit' for us here at Siegels.

Being a KALMBACH dealer means quality feeds, timely deliveries, competitive pricing.   We offer a full line of livestock feeds, whether you are a hobby farmer with just a few animals, or a larger producer who buys bulk feeds.  We can fill your needs with bags from our store, or bulk deliveries direct from our supplier. 

If you are interested in a product that we do not keep in stock, we can submit that order by Saturday and receive it on the following Tuesday along with our weekly restocking order.

Specialists in high quality SHOW FEEDS.

Kalmbach Feeds





When winter temperatures drop, you need to increase feeding rates for animals in order to provide the
extra energy needed to maintain their body heat.    

​When the average temperature drops below 40° for an extended period of time, you should increase your feed by 10%.  If the temperature drops near zero, you should increase by 20%.   Also take into account the wind chill factor.   Feeding more hay will not give the extra needed energy.  It takes grain to generate heat.  Increasing fat levels will also provide extra calories to the winter diet. This applies to poultry and to your pets as well.  Make sure animals have adequate open water and dry bedding.  
If you have feeding or management questions, please give us a call (937-473-2808) or email.